Sunday, April 26, 2009


GRACIE playing in the yard


So heres the update since the last blog because I'm such a slacker. After Jakes wedding we spent the week at moms so I could help watch Gracie for my mom so she could get the open house done. We had fun but it was real good birth control for me to be watching both kids. I love them both dearly but together they both tired me out. For the past 2 months I have been playing volleyball in the womens league in Bear Lake. It was so much fun. I loved it and not its over. We had a tournament yesterday and took 3rd. We also put an offer on a home and Montpelier and got it so we are just waiting on are loan to go through and hope that we can move in soon. We are way excited for are new home. Here just pictures of the volleyball and the week in Pocatello.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Braxton 6 Months and half way to BIG 1!

Braxton last Thursday just turned 6 months! I can't believe how much he has grown lately. He is learning to roll and arching his back.He is wearing a size 2 shoe. The worst is he is trying to cut through two teeth! So he chews on anything he can get ahold of! We are loving watching him grow and love the blessing that he has brought to Kevin and my life. We love him very much and love the smiles and joys he brings to are home!