Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got bored so I made this video of the boys in my family!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Procrastionator and Busy Life

Its been since October since my last post but we have been so busy. In November Kevin and I celebrated are birthdays. Kevin is now 23 and I am 22. WOW we are getting old. Braxton is busier then ever. He is now throwing major fits. I think I may have to go to one of the battered mother meetings! HAHA JK (my name is letitia lewis my son is 16 months old and he beats the crap out of me) HAHA No I figure its normal for every child to go through stages were they slaps the mother around at 16 months old. Besides him beating the crap out of me he is growing up so fast because his personailty is so cute and he is starting to talk and make all sorts of animals noises. Anyways Christmas was great but busy. It seemed like it wasn't even Christmas because we were so busy. We spent Christmas eve and morning in Pocatello. After we talked to my bro in Germany we left for Montpelier were went straight to Kevins Grandma and Grandpa Lewis house for dinner, to his other grandparents, to his parents house and home. It was a busy day but great for us. News years was not eventfull because we went to bed at 10 because Kevin had to work the next morning. WAHOO we are so interesting. I will post pictures of Christmas when my mom gives them to me. For now this is all!