Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Last 3 Months

So its a been awhile and I hope that I can remember all the things that have happend in the last 3 months. Well its starts with July and Braxton scaring us with lumps in his neck. They wanted to make sure that there were not cancer so they did a ultra sound which was hell because kevin and I had to hold him down and let him scream. After was all said and done and the prayers his lumps were not cancer just inflamed from the nasty infected tonsils. So we had the tonsils taken out on July 15.

August: We got to go to Island Park for a week and of course I took the camera and forgot to take pics. It was so much fun and Braxton got to ride on the 4 wheelers a lot so he was a Happy Camper. Then Kevin got this bright idea that month that he wants to start his own business installing auto glass and rock chip repair. So we are officially owners of Lewis Auto Glass!
September: Has been a busy month for us. I got a job as the 7th grade volleyball coach here at the middle school. It was such a rewarding job to see these girls progress and learn. It was a great year and I miss the girls so much. Also I had my little boy turn 2. It was so sad! He doesn't seem that old but its scary how fast they grow up.October: Has been great so far. kevin has been busy with his business on the weekends only because of his other job which he would love to quit and just do windshields but we need insurance so his dreams wont come true anytime soon. HAHA This coming week we are going to Eugene, Oregon on Wednesday for one of kevins classes he is taking for his new business. I promised myself that I will take the camera this time and take pics.