Thursday, November 17, 2011

Braxton's birthday gift

Braxton is in love with Batman so of course he had to carve a batman pumpkin and was batman for halloween!

The new hats i had made for the boys pictures when the baby comes Skunk hats or shall I say gunk thats what Braxton calls it.

So I am a super slacker when it comes to updating the blog. I probably update every 3 months and then make a goal to be a better updater but I never do so will try it again. We are all doing really well Braxton turned 3 on September 25 and is full of it. He has the cutest personality and its cuter everyday. The other night kevin was sound asleep snoring and I was almost out when I hear SMACK! Kevin jumps up and said how come you hit me bud? He said you are snoring dad STOP! HAHAHA I laughed so hard. Kevin didn't even remember it the next day.
The next 5 weeks are super busy in are family as we have Kevin's birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Kevins brother will leave on his mission to New York, New York South on December 14 and will have a baby 1 week later. We are so proud of Kades decision to serve the lord. We will miss him very much especially Braxton, uncle Kade is his favorite. Here is just a few pics.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Its a ?

We are going to be having another BOY! We are very excited and feel blessed that Braxton will have a buddy to play with. He still calls it a baby sister but in time I'm sure we can convince him its a brother. The doctor said it looks real healthy. His due date is January 6 but because I'm at high risk for hemerging because of the way he had to cut Braxton out we will shoot for the latest December 23. YUCK! I'm going to try and convince him the 22 or 21 but we will see. I would post the video of the ultrasound but can't get it to upload so as soon as I learn it will be up.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is your GUESS?

On Thursday we find out what we are having! We are so excited! Will it be blue again or pink? Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

California Here We Come

We leave today at 4 for california and the happiest place on earth!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Goal to Be a Better Blogger

I was looking at the last date that i updated and it was in October! That is sad! So I will keep it short and sweet. As of lately Braxton is talking up a storm and being a tornado and when I say tornado I really mean it he can mess this house up faster then I can clean it. I swear that he goes behind laughs at me. We still have tons of snow in are backyard and want warm weather so bad. Braxton wants to be outside so bad he can't stand it.

Kevin and I went for a weekend trip to Salt Lake and went to a jazz game and shopping we really enjoyed it because Braxton stayed home with grandma was nice but he was missed. We were able to go with my brother and his wife to the game. Are seats were not so good but it was still fun.

Kevin has been busy with windshields and rock chip repairs everyday he off work. He is so remoldeing the basement and its takin longer then i would want it to but I guess thats what happens when do something like that.