Monday, February 14, 2011

My Goal to Be a Better Blogger

I was looking at the last date that i updated and it was in October! That is sad! So I will keep it short and sweet. As of lately Braxton is talking up a storm and being a tornado and when I say tornado I really mean it he can mess this house up faster then I can clean it. I swear that he goes behind laughs at me. We still have tons of snow in are backyard and want warm weather so bad. Braxton wants to be outside so bad he can't stand it.

Kevin and I went for a weekend trip to Salt Lake and went to a jazz game and shopping we really enjoyed it because Braxton stayed home with grandma was nice but he was missed. We were able to go with my brother and his wife to the game. Are seats were not so good but it was still fun.

Kevin has been busy with windshields and rock chip repairs everyday he off work. He is so remoldeing the basement and its takin longer then i would want it to but I guess thats what happens when do something like that.