Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What we have been up to~

We have been so busy lately.We just painted and got the kitchen done. Well almost a few minor touch ups. This past week has been hell for us though. Braxtons 4 front teeth came in rotten so the only way for the dentist was going to fix them is to put him under and apply 4 crowns. This happend Thursday and he did so well. They look a little funny but better then 4 brown teeth. Then Friday he was at Kevins parents house while I was doing hair and he decided to touch grandmas pellet stove and burn his entire palm and fingers of his right hand. Its was a giant blister. Yesterday we went back to the doc. and his hand looks really good. All the blisters are poped and all is left is dead skin. Well thats are crisis and we are doing really good this week so far so we have are fingers crossed.